7 Reasons Dance is Great for Your Kids

As the summer tips into August, it’s time to consider what after school activities are right for our kids. This month we’ll be writing posts on the myriad options available to Newton residents, one of which is…Dance! There are so many styles to choose from including ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, break dancing, lyrical, modern, performance, and musical theater. Today we’re talking about 7 of the main benefits experienced by dancers.


For many, ballet is a starter class for young children who love to move along with the music. Both my girls took ballet for a few years and had a fantastic time. They were also motivated by one of our sitters, a high schooler, who danced competitively and took classes five times a week. Needless to say, no matter how old your child is, she or he may love and enjoy the many benefits of dance.



Moving your body is an expression of creativity. The playfulness of dancing encourages kids to let go and enjoy their bodies, especially after sitting at a school desk for most of the day.



Perfecting a new skill and performing for an audience builds confidence in children. It takes hard work, concentration and a touch of bravery to show a new side of yourself. Children may surprise you and themselves when demonstrating – with confidence – the new skills they’ve learned.



Coordination, agility and flexibility are strengthened in every type of dance, carrying over into daily life and any other activity in which the child participates.



The fitness benefits are well-known. Dancers experienced increased strength, both muscular and cardiovascular, not to mention building stamina. In addition, regular dancing creates stronger bones and improved balance.


Mental Benefits

Dance classes teach kids to interact with music while learning and memorizing choreographed steps. Studies have shown that this combination improves mental functioning along with general and psychological wellbeing.



Regardless of your child’s potential as a dancer, these classes have the ability to seed a life-long awareness of music and rhythm. It is at the very least the beginning of an appreciation for music.



Last but not least is…fun! I don’t need to explain this. Just take a look on a dance floor and I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I mean.


LINX proudly serves Metrowest MA and offers several styles of dance classes, both competitive and recreational. In addition they have Production Company, Performance Group, Private Lessons, and they offer Saturday classes. For more information, visit them at the LINX website, or call them at 781-235-3210.


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