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If you’re reading this, we can’t thank you enough. started as a labor of love for us, Jen & Holly. We’re two moms that were tired of all the time we spent searching for local information and resources and decided to launch this site as a result. It’s a word-of-mouth enterprise and we work hard each week to keep it running (our pay is infrequent at best, and only through advertising). If you find our site helpful, will you please spread the word to friends and neighbors?

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We Love Feedback

We’d also love to get feedback from you. We, Jen & Holly, created this site for you to use and to make your lives easier by gathering local resources and items of interest and hosting them in one place. So…is it working? Please share with us any experiences you’ve had with the site, if and how it’s helped you, if you’ve learned something. Also, we’d love to hear your suggestions for future content, or constructive criticism of any kind. Please email us any time at or share in the comments section of any page. And again, please Like Us on Facebook!

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