Review: City Compost

Always wanted to try composting but have been afraid of -- or put off by -- the level of commitment, the "ick" factor, and so forth? You're not alone.

Real Estate: A Look Back and Forward

By all accounts, if you spoke to real estate agents in Newton they would tell you that something seemed off in 2017...

Happy Birthday to Us!

Has it really been a year since we launched Time flies when you're rearing a community website! See what we're up to and help us grow...

Why You Should Be Using Newton 311

Remember the winter of 2015 when it seemed as if someone moved our entire city to Antarctica? That's when I truly learned the value of Newton 311. It's my secret weapon, and now I'm going to share it with you!

Jen & Holly Ask A Favor

If you're reading this, we can't thank you enough. If you find our site helpful, will you please spread the word to friends and neighbors?

Newton Arts Calendar

The Newton Arts Calendar was created last year by Newton Community Pride. It's a great resource for Newton residents who will find events all year long for adults, children and families...

Helpful City Services Page

We’ve compiled a list of useful links to government, social services, and local news sources available to Newton residents...

You Ask, We Tell

What do you need/want/yearn to know? Ultimately, LiveNewton is for you. So tell us - what do YOU want to know? What do you find yourself wondering about Newton? Let us know what information you wish we had, or what you think is relevant to your life...

LiveNewton’s Events Calendar

Be sure to check the LOCAL EVENTS CALENDAR on our home page for upcoming events. There's a lot going on in our neighborhood and...

Newton’s Hoarding Task Force

When I first moved onto my street, I noticed a dilapidated home a few houses down. Practically every drop of paint had peeled from the clapboard, there were blue tarps draped over the roof, and a sunroom set off the side revealed furniture piled to the ceiling. Yet a...

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