Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day always sneaks up on me and leaves me scrambling for ideas for my husband. This year, though I’m still not 100% ahead of the game, I started making a list of things he might like. My gift to you is this list…I hope it helps. Please feel free to tell us your ideas (in the comments section, below)!

I received the Mother’s Day version of this “What I Love About Dad” last year and I *loved* it. It’s one of those things you’ll tuck away and pull out ten years from now that will make you smile (or cry!). There are several pages for the kids to fill out (often with the help of the other parent). My girls had a ball coming up with answers to the prompts / questions. Kids end up writing hysterical truths and meaningful observations that are unique to you, and your relationship with them. Highly recommend.

Every time I see a concert, a comedy show – really a performance of any kind – I say to myself, “Why don’t we do this more often?” Surprise the Dad in your life with tickets to whatever kind of show he’d like. Or you could also go with a sporting event (baseball, golf, or something to look forward to in the fall). I often check out Goldstar or Groupon for their latest ticket offerings. Or if your husband has a favorite band or comedian, check out their individual websites to see when they might be in our area.

Sick in the Head (not your husband, the book.) is a New York Times bestseller by Judd Apatow. The well-known comedic writer conducts intimate, hilarious conversations with the biggest names in comedy from the past thirty years (everyone from Seinfeld to Chris Rock). Who doesn’t love a good book? And combine it with a good laugh, you get a winning combo.

Of course, this is biased and I love Judd Apatow. The main takeaway here is a book. Whether your guy loves fiction or non-fiction, biographies or mysteries, you really can’t go wrong.

As busy as we all are, there’s never enough time for friends. And guys are often terrible at making plans (I’ve witnessed this firsthand). What if you facilitated a weekend with his guy friends? Work with his friends or their wives (could be a win-win for multiple spouses!) and set aside a weekend for the father in your life to get away. Could be a weekend or a night, and whether they go sailing, fishing, hiking, or head to Foxwoods, they’ll be thanking you for a memorable weekend.

For the guy who is into spice (sauce, that is), give him this Artisan Hot Sauce Kit! I have some friends that are crazy into different kinds of hot sauce and they would love this as a gift. The kit provides ingredients to concoct five different sauces to use at home and he’ll love bringing some new flavors into your kitchen!

Make his day by giving him a gift certificate for a class. Maybe it’s an adult ed class for cooking or painting. Could be a music or woodworking class he would never normally treat himself to. If you’re staying local for these options, be sure to check out Newton Community Ed which offers a multitude of adult education offerings. Lastly, perhaps he’s been wanting to brew his own beer – in that case, check out Hopsters in Newton Corner.

On the other hand, if your guy is the type to like projects and make things at home – and if he likes beer – he can craft beer in the comfort of his own kitchen. This Deluxe Home Brewing Kit will a). entertain him for a few hours and b). give him a reason to invite friends over for a drink. Or maybe you keep it for the two of you to enjoy…

And last but not least, how about a family adventure? The entire Father’s Day weekend at Treetop Adventures in Canton, Dads climb free (savings of $50). It’s an outing. It’s a new experience (possibly?!). Definitely memorable. And enjoyed by all (*except anyone who hates heights).

And whatever you decide, we wish you a great Father’s Day!

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Author: Holly

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