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Happy Birthday to Us!

Has it really been a year since we launched LiveNewton.net? Time flies when you’re rearing a community website! See what we’re up to and help us grow…

It’s Head Lice Season Again

It’s about to get ‘buggy’ very soon. If you have elementary-aged kids and haven’t got strep and flu notices yet, you probably will soon. But the “dear parent” letter that fills many of us with the most dread is…

Vacation Camps Reminder!

Early release and vacation days always sneak up on me. Luckily, whether you need a half or a full day there are plenty of options here in Newton.

Review: Amuleto Mexican Table

Have you heard the news?! Waltham has some great new restaurants that might even rival Newton's best. Among these -- in my opinion -- is Amuleto Mexican Table on Moody St. My hubby and I were looking for a fun new restaurant for date night. Several friends had...

Resources for Donating Hair to Charities

A few years ago, we discovered that one of our favorite sitters donates her hair every time she grows it long enough. She is an inspiration to my family and my older daughter decided that she, too, wanted to donate her hair. Finally after almost two years of growth, it was time.

Free Local Spray Decks and Wading Pools

Those long summer days with toddlers and preschoolers can be taxing if you’re stuck in the house. When you have school-age kids (as I do), you join a pool. But when your children are little, you don’t need a pool membership to enjoy water play. Your little ones can safely and happily splash around at free local spray decks and wading pools. Here’s a list of nearby water play spots for the preschool set…

Review: Kimball Farm

My twins have been asking to visit Kimball Farm (Westford, MA) since they first discovered it on a 2nd grade field trip. We finally made the trek out to Westford on a recent Sunday. Check out my tips for how to make the most of your visit.

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: Solar Glasses for the Eclipse!

LiveNewton.net is thrilled to announce this special one-day giveaway! We have 2 pairs of AAS-approved solar glasses to give away to one lucky winner! The giveaway runs now through tomorrow Thursday, August 16th at 3pm. We'll announce the winner on Facebook...

Don’t Miss the Eclipse

On Monday, August 21st the continental US will see its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in almost 100 years. (A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers all of the sun for a period of time.) NASA very kindly created the image below detailing the path of totality…

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