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Review: The Land of Eataly

My family’s summer bucket list would not be complete without food destinations. As such, last week my girls and I found ourselves in the Back Bay one evening at the new Eataly Food Marketplace. Their motto is: Eat. Shop. Learn. And they offer it all in spades.

The World’s New Holiday: Amazon Prime Day!

Yes, it’s true. There’s a new shopping holiday thanks to my personal addiction, Amazon. Right now they’re having crazy deals – it’s going on a little over 30 hours but I’m late to the game and it started Monday. So here’s what’s happening!

Boston Pizza Festival

Boston Pizza Festival is a 2-day outdoor festival featuring live music, food and giveaways. Local and international vendors in the food industry will be there. Each pizza vendor will be selling their own product…

Kids Summer Reading Recommends

Now that summer is here, we plan to blow through many books. I wanted to share some of our favorites (avoiding the obvious and much-loved ones). I find the recommended ages really depend on your reader – some kids are earlier than others, some are later. Either way, whenever you stumble upon them…we hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

Real Estate: Newton’s Market Update

It’s time again to report the real estate happenings in Newton! Inventory remains very low at 123 single family homes. To give some perspective, here’s a breakdown of the numbers to clarify what is and isn’t selling…

Real Estate: What Young Buyers Want

Real Estate: What Young Buyers Want…They want to spend their weekends with family and friends having experiences, they do not want to spend time renovating. There are a few creative types that would like to put their own stamp on a home, but they are a definite minority…

Introducing Newton’s Candidates for Mayor

With Newton Mayor Setti Warren on the verge of ending his tenure, more than a few residents have thrown their hat into the ring. At the time of this post, six candidates have decided to run for Mayor of Newton. We’ve been in touch with four of them — Ruthanne Fuller, Scott Lennon, Amy Sangiolo, and Richard Saunders — to learn more…

Hibachi Throw-Down!

Like many kids I know, my girls adore Japanese hibachi. If you haven’t ever taken your kids, you are definitely missing out. With hibachi, it’s all about gastro-tainment wherein a mildly comical ‘chef’ in a tall white hat slices, dices, squirts, and performs small feats of dexterity all while cooking your food before your very eyes…

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