For Advertisers is a free, one-stop community resource for local event listings, product and service reviews, business openings, comparative analyses, recommendations across a broad selection of services, interviews with area artists, authors, and chefs, local interest stories, and more. If it interests us, we know it will most likely interest our readers. is unique among local websites in that we are focused on providing comprehensive resource listings for Newton, MA and surrounding cities. We know our demographic (indeed, we ARE our demographic), are passionate about our community, are committed to providing honest and relevant content, and have extensive ties within the local area. We LIVE local. And we won’t promote a product or service we don’t feel good about.

How can we help your business? There are a number of ways, and we’d love to talk with you about them.

Email us at for up-to-date details on our site traffic, readership numbers, page views, and audience demographics and to receive our advertising rate card. Your success is our success!

— Jen & Holly

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