Does Your Home Need a Sidekick?

Neither I nor my husband are handy (sorry, honey!), so I always have a running list of small repair jobs. You probably have them too. Maybe it’s ceiling discoloration from an old leak, wall fixtures that have come loose, or shelving that needs to be installed. They’re almost too small to trouble with.

After making several phone calls, it seems like none of the contractors I’ve approached want to tackle my small jobs (2 out of 3 of our toilet paper holders — along with one towel ring — have been pulled off the walls. Don’t ask me how that happened!)

Sometimes they’ll promise to send me a quote; however, what follows instead is “radio silence.” No response. Nada. Not even the courtesy of a “thanks, but no thanks.”

That’s why I was so excited when I learned about a local startup called Sidekick Home. They focus on smaller jobs like mine that have long been the bane of the non-handy homeowner. I reached out to Rachel Conroy, local representative of Sidekick and a Newton resident, to find out more.

From the South Shore to Metrowest

Rachel tells me the startup has been active on the South Shore since last July. Co-Founders, Alex Arata and Dave Dombroski, had found themselves frustrated as homeowners and contractors trying to get smaller home repair jobs “done well, in a timely fashion and for a fair price.” And Sidekick was born. Rachel tells me they have a number of vetted South Shore contractors and many satisfied customers in Hingham, Cohasset, and surrounding communities. Now they are looking to bring their service to Metrowest Boston.

Sidekick Home Co-Founders, Alex Arata and Dave Dombroski

How It Works

Many contractors seem interested only in bigger jobs. What makes Sidekick unique, according to Rachel, is its focus on repair work under $10,000. The service is free to the homeowner. (The company makes money by controlling costs on behalf of the homeowner.) Sidekick identifies highly regarded local contractors, interviews them and calls their references, negotiates pricing, and performs criminal background checks. Your assigned “Sidekick” serves as a project manager of sorts, liaising with you, the homeowner, from start to finish. Your Sidekick handles virtually everything: estimates, payments, and issues with the contractor or with the workmanship.

But what if you have a larger home renovation project? No problem, says Rachel. Your “Sidekick” can act as an advisor for those jobs as well. I sure wish I had a Sidekick when we gut-renovated our home several years ago. I acted as my own “GM”, and I would never do that again.


Try It Out

Getting started is easy. Visit them on the Web at, call/text: 877-949-7845, or email: I’m very excited to get those toilet paper holders rolling again!

Or want to give it a try without risking too much? Contact them now about scheduling a spring yard cleanup.

Learn More

Sidekick Home is kicking off its Metrowest debut with a wine tasting event next Friday, March 24, 2017 from 6:30-8:30pm at vinodivino (899 Walnut St, Newton Highlands). Anyone signing up for a “Home Walk Through” will be entered to win raffle prizes. RSVP by March 21st to

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