It’s Head Lice Season Again

Dear Parents,

Lice. It’s here! (Cue dramatic music.)

Just this week I received letters from both my kids’ classroom teachers informing us that classmates had lice. Both. I started to sweat immediately. We’ve always been lucky and, up to this point, have never had it. Somehow in my 40+ years I managed to escape it. Until this week.

Within two days of receiving the letters, my family was in lockdown with kids home from school and activities. There are fantastic professional services I could have called, but I opted to do a home remedy (more on both options later). By the way, please don’t send your kids to school with any form of lice! Nits and live lice are both contagious until the person has been treated properly…as we discovered for ourselves!

Is your head already itching as you read this?

Jen’s oldest daughter has had lice twice. The first time was traumatic. The second time less so. Now Jen is almost blasé about it. In fact, the first thing I did was run to her house to confirm my suspicions. Calm and composed, Jen showed us the nits and a live lice . It was both horrifying and fascinating. I took a deep breath as she informed us the step-by-step process by which we would live for the next several hours (and days). More than anything, it’s a hassle. We’re all so busy that adding lice to the mix just adds another layer of stress. Fortunately, there are many resources and a process for ridding your life of lice.

Yes, it’s gross to think of having bugs living in your hair and a major inconvenience for parents, but they are not a sign of poor hygiene and certainly no reason to be embarrassed. While you’ll have to spend some time treating and combing (unless you use a lice service) you won’t have to sanitize your whole house.

So if you’re faced with head lice, don’t freak out. Just check out Jen’s in-depth post from last Fall to learn the basics and how to get through it:

In the past few days I’ve learned just how common lice is. Nearly everyone I’ve told has had it or had a child who has had it. So…look at having lice as a right of passage and don’t feel you have to hide it. It’s not a dirty little secret anymore!

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