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Empowering Girls Through Running

Girls on the Run is a nationwide after-school program intent on helping girls in Grades 3-5 feel "joyful, healthy and confident."
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Giveaway: Tree Top Adventures

Congratulations to our two winners!! Click to find out more...Tree Top Adventures -- located in nearby Canton -- has partnered with us to give away 4 tickets (valued at $200) to their adventure park...
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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day always sneaks up on me and leaves me scrambling for ideas for my husband. This year, though I'm still not 100% ahead of the game, I started making a list of things he might like. My gift to you is this list...
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NEW Series: Our Favorite Things

Okay, Holly and I know we're not Oprah, but you have to admit: Oprah's left a vacuum. I mean, really, who is going to tell us what to buy or read? We are...
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Giveaway: Little Beats Dance Camp

I miss the days when my girls were little and danced around in adorable tutus, which makes me all the more excited to announce our latest giveaway: 5 free days of Little Beats Dance Camp! Read on to learn more about the camp and our free giveaway...
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Finally, Middle School Resources

With one of my daughters on the cusp of middle school, I was both pleased and intrigued to discover a new page of resources for this age group rolled out on the City of Newton website. This stage, when the are kids dubbed "tweens", is a mystery to me (I suppose all the ages are until you're in it, neck-deep!)...
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Review: Chrisso Studio

My active, sporty 4th grader has been asking for a pixie cut for at least a year. Although I LOVED the idea of a short, no-brush hairstyle, I did not want to pay for an "adult-priced" cut...
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Free Easter Activities in Boston and Beyond

The Easter Bunny, Egg Hunts, and more are what’s to come as Easter approaches. Here's a list of fun and FREE Easter activities in Boston –and surrounding towns, over the next couple of weeks...
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Free Ticket from Red Sox Kid Nation!

As we think about opening day, you can get your mini Fenway Fan all ready for the 2017 season with their FREE membership to Red Sox Kid Nation. After joining Red Sox Kid Nation your little one will receive...
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Newton Has Talent (Show)!

Do you have a hidden talent, or not-so hidden? For those of you who like to perform, there is a talent show that The Rotary Club of Newton is sponsoring as part of the Festival of the Arts. It’s called Newton Has Talent, and it is for Newton residents of all ages...
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When Kids Need Better Haircuts

I don't want to spend what I pay my own hair stylist, but I also don't want my kids coming home with bowl cuts or shaved heads. After much research, we've developed a list of parent-recommended places to take your children for good haircuts that are priced competitively.
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Review: Red Apple Lunch (+ Gift for our Readers!)

Admit it. You hate packing kids' lunches. I'm *almost* positive it's something all parents have in common; the grueling night before (or morning of) school, trying desperately to pack a lunch your kid might like/eat (nevermind the different lunches for siblings). One...
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