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Free Family Event at Fessenden!

Free family event at Fessenden Day Camps!

The Best Local Tutors

If your child would benefit from outside help and you'd like to support their learning at home, there are wonderful tutoring resources in our city.

New Resource: Wicked Cool Science Classes on Early Release Days

For anyone with kids in Newton Public Schools, we're familiar with - and sometimes frustrated by - Early Release Days. Recently I learned of a wonderful new offering...

Teaching Kids About Money

Dollar Scholars is the brainchild of Newton moms Patricia White and Lisa Caperna. They came up with the idea after they read The New York Times' columnist Ron Lieber's book...

It’s Head Lice Season Again

It's about to get 'buggy' very soon. If you have elementary-aged kids and haven't got strep and flu notices yet, you probably will soon. But the "dear parent" letter that fills many of us with the most dread is...

Op-Ed: At What Age Should Kids Get Cell Phones?

When is the right time for kids to get cell phones? This is an ongoing debate with parents. Many factors are involved, emotional as well as practical. Right now, as my oldest is beginning 5th grade, this is a hot topic with my peers.

Giveaway: TreeTop Adventures in the Fall!

We had such a tremendous response to our summer Treetop Adventures Giveaway that we asked if they would donate again. And they did! Here's the scoop...

Vacation Camps Reminder!

Early release and vacation days always sneak up on me. Luckily, whether you need a half or a full day there are plenty of options here in Newton.

10 Places to Pick Apples This Season

Apple picking! This is one of my favorite fall activities and my kids have grown to love it as well. A day outside, usually sweater weather, bookended with cider and / or apple cider donuts...

LiveNewton Feature: Birthday Venues for Everyone

Our kids look forward to their birthday all year round. That's quite a build-up of expectations that end up on the shoulders of parents! To make your life a little easier, LiveNewton has compiled a comprehensive list of Birthday Party Venues...

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