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Okay, Holly and I know we’re not Oprah, but you have to admit: Oprah’s left a vacuum. I mean, really, who is going to tell us what to buy or read?

We are. The good news is, we can relate to you (let’s be honest – we *love* Oprah…but we cannot relate to her lifestyle). So, on the bright side, Holly and I are regular moms just like you. Together we share many of the same concerns, annoyances, needs, and responsibilities. And we think there’s a good chance you’ll appreciate the same things we do — things that make our lives and our families’ lives better, easier and more enjoyable.

So here goes.

My kids first tried Crayola’s Model Magic at camp. It’s pretty neat stuff. It’s light-weight, comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed together to make additional colors, and doesn’t stain clothing or furniture. The kids would use it to make  clay creations then allow it to air dry. No baking required. The downside is that it’s rather expensive and not as good for more skillful artisans like my 10 year old.

My daughter prefers this brand with its 36 colors. My girls received this set a month ago, use it regularly, and are still working their way through it. It comes with small zippered bags to store partially used clay. (Be sure to use these as this is AIR DRY clay. I’ve taught my girls to push the air out of the bags.) It also includes some small tools for sharing and decorations and a project booklet.

Get this set and give your kids a fun alternative from screen time this summer!

Our Favorite Things (Holly)

Hydro Flask 2 Insulated Sports Bottle

I’m slightly addicted to my Hydro Flask. And by slightly, I mean I don’t go anywhere without it. I panic when I’m in my car and reach for it and it’s not there.

This insulated flask keeps my water cold – really cold. All. Day. Long. It’s durable (don’t drop it on your toes). My kids covet it, to the point I catch them drinking from it. In fact, for camp this summer, I’ve decided to buy them each their very own Hydro Flasks. Every year I pick them up from camp red-faced and sweaty and they haven’t drank from their water bottles. But if I’m honest, I wouldn’t drink that luke-warm water either. I highly recommend the Hydro Flask. It’s a small investment, but one you won’t regret.

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