Pet Adoption Series: Buddy Dog Humane Society

I have always been an animal lover, but first and foremost I’m a dog person. I grew up with purebred dogs, and I loved them all. I didn’t care (or even consider) where they came from.

When I was finally able to select a dog as an adult, however, I had learned a lot more about the sad fate of shelter dogs. As a result, I decided to adopt. My first rescued dog, Blue, was a 6-month old pittie (pitbull) mix who was picked up as a stray in NJ. Blue was the most good-natured, loving dog I’d ever had. She rarely barked and never met a stranger she didn’t love in her 12.5 years.

Last year, we adopted Maggie (then ~4 years old) from a pitbull rescue in Connecticut. She was pulled from a kill shelter in South Carolina and was desperately sick with lyme disease, heart worm and pneumonia. Our calm, sweet Maggie is very loyal and almost never barks. She had a couple of quirks when we first adopted her, but in no time, we worked through them. Shelter dogs need training — as do all dogs — to integrate well within a family. But you don’t need to go to a breeder to get a great family dog.

My adopted fur baby…5-year old Maggie

If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, I’d like to encourage you to consider adopting. Below is my review of a local rescue and shelters that allow you to meet the dog before adopting. I hope to provide reviews of other rescues over the next few months.

Buddy Dog Humane Society

Buddy Dog Humane Society (BDHS) is a not-for-profit shelter for dogs and cats and is located in Sudbury, MA. The dogs make their way to BDHS through several means including private surrender by local families, strays picked up by animal control and by import from shelters in South Carolina and Puerto Rico. Shelters in Southern states and in Puerto Rico have many wonderful dogs in need of homes but far fewer families interested in adopting. If they were not shipped here, most would be put down.

BDHS dogs coming in from out of state are typically fostered in their home states for a few weeks before they are transported here in vans. Most are mixed breeds, and the shelter accepts all ages and sizes. The only animals they won’t take are those with major medical issues or with human aggression problems.

Unlike many local rescues, all of their adoptable dogs are onsite. Buddy Dog will have about 30-35 dogs at any given time. Interested families can play with the canines and even take them for a walk. Families with young kids are welcome to adopt. Shelter staff are happy to help guide you to dogs that are good with young kids.

ADOPT ME! Meet 3-month old Chihuahua mix Tia, a playful puppy from Puerto Rico

ADOPT ME! Meet 3-year old hound/dane mix Hank who loves everyone he meets.

Adopting is Easy

Once you’re ready to add a furry friend to your home, you can head to Buddy Dog and meet some dogs. Click here to preview them. To be able to adopt, you must be 21 years+, be a resident of Massachusetts, and provide a copy of your lease showing dogs are allowed OR provide proof of homeownership with a tax or mortgage bill. You do NOT need to have a fenced-in yard, which certain rescues require. The shelter will ask for a small deposit and ask you to think about it overnight. Although they want their animals to be adopted, they also want to prevent impulse adoptions.

A pre-adoption interview and application qualify every adopter. As part of the application process, prospective adopters should be prepared to provide proof of home ownership and renters need to provide a lease that states they are permitted pets at their residence. The bulk of the application, however, is used as a tool for their adoption counselors to educate & guide adopters in areas of pet care they may not be familiar with.


Adoption Fees

Kittens: $125.00 + $25.00 refundable spay/neuter deposit

Adult cats: $125.00

Puppies: $325.00 + $25.00 refundable spay/neuter deposit

Adult dogs: $350.00

Each person adopting a “buddy” gives a donation for his/her new pet to help defray the cost of caring for the pets while they await new homes and to allow BDHS to provide the support services mentioned above.

How You Can Help

Buddy Dog relies on a small cadre of paid and volunteer staff and is funded entirely through private donations. They rely on in-kind and cash donations to keep up their good work. Check out their list of most needed items to the right or make donate money here.

Most needed items include:

Limited-slip or martingale collars of all sizes

Non-clumping, clay cat litter

Bleach, laundry detergent, liquid dish soap

Canned dog food (any brand or variety)

Canned cat food

Soft, chewy treats (soft Milkbones, BilJacs, Buddy Biscuits, etc)


Buddy Dog Humane Society

151 Boston Post Road, Sudbury, MA
978.443.6990  *

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