Review: Red Apple Lunch (+ Gift for our Readers!)

Admit it. You hate packing kids’ lunches.

I’m *almost* positive it’s something all parents have in common; the grueling night before (or morning of) school, trying desperately to pack a lunch your kid might like/eat (nevermind the different lunches for siblings). One week they want turkey sandwiches, the next they don’t understand what you were thinking when you packed them a turkey sandwich! Ah, the joy.

Enter Red Apple Lunch – Homemade school lunches, delivered to your door. (What?!)

I had the good fortune to meet Lisa Farrell, founder of Red Apple Lunch, this year at Newton’s Harvest Fair. Within minutes I knew I a) had to experience her service and b) wanted to spread the news to our readers. And here we are!

Lisa is all about their motto: Healthy, Delicious and Delivered. The seasonal food they provide is carefully chosen to give kids (and parents) a variety of options, much of it made and sourced locally. And, for every Red Apple Lunch ordered, they provide a healthy snack pack for a child in need.

The Steps:

  1. Build your weekly order
    Choose your meals for the week with main lunch item, fruit, veggies, and treat. Opt in for snack or drink.

I headed over to the Red Apple Lunch site with my girls, who loved the process of selecting their meals. They were thrilled to see several options that aren’t part of our typical lunch. In full disclosure, both my kids (one in particular) are adventurous eaters who will at the very least try new things. They love veggies and fruit and will eat more “exotic” foods (unless it’s too spicy). Still, of course, they’re picky. But we were optimistic and excited to give this a go.

A Gift for Our Readers

1st Week Free! readers receive their first week free from Red Apple Lunch.

Just use Promo code: NWTN Loves RAL 

Fine Print:  A $25 Value. Good through March 31, 2017

Design your delivery schedule

Pick the days of the week you want lunch delivered and choose your delivery window. Place orders by midnight Saturday for the following week.

The lunches arrived, as planned. I admit, I was slightly skeptical when I realized that a few of the meals would not be consumed for another 48 hours and had to keep in our refrigerator until then (delivery option times were a bit limited). Also, I wasn’t sure that the kids would like a few of their chosen options (vegetable potstickers, pancakes and noodles) since they’re traditionally served hot. I kept my fingers crossed.


And they did – I would say they enjoyed 90% of the food from Red Apple Lunch, which, to me, is a fabulous success. Here’s a rundown:

Vegetable Potstickers with dipping sauce – Both girls liked these a lot.

Veggie snacks (carrots + peppers) – Liked.

Breadsticks – They liked these, dipped them in whatever they had (didn’t come with a sauce).

Yogurt / Granola / Berry mix – Only one of my kids likes yogurt and she enjoyed this, though I’m not sure she’d get it again. 

Salami & Cheese – A huge hit with both girls.

Pasta – They liked the pasta “okay.” It was wheat rotini with peas and chicken. They liked the peas but felt the pasta was too hard. They aren’t used to wheat pasta, though, and they weren’t crazy about it being cold. They liked the peas. They’re both going through an anti-chicken phase.

Pancakes and sausages – Big hit (I was skeptical but maybe you can’t go wrong with breakfast for lunch!)

Grapes – Liked. 

Little bites – Big hit. These were small “treats” or “desserts” that are deceptively healthy, masked by sweetness. 

Strawberry Smoothie – Big hit!

Our week of lunches from Red Apple Lunch was a treat – for the kids and for my husband and myself. Cost-wise, it worked out to approximately 1/3 more than what we would normally spend on a lunch. My girls are getting older now and we’ve just started to have them pack their own lunches (well – it’s not as seamless as it sounds…), so though I wouldn’t use Red Apple Lunch on a regular basis, there are Those Weeks when I’m in a pinch and I would absolutely use Red Apple Lunch

Not everyone wants to outsource their kids lunches, but there are times you may need the break, or maybe you know someone who does. And now there’s a healthy, stress-free option that didn’t exist before now. Try it for fun or when you’re in need. They offer a subscription service for easy ordering in the future.

Thanks very much to founder Lisa Farrell for both allowing my family to try her thoughtfully crafted service and for extending the gift to our readers!

*Red Apple Lunch provided a free trial of lunches in exchange for my honest review

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Author: Holly

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