Review: Good Friends & Good Food at Ronsky’s

My friend Becca and I have been pals since our oldest children met in preschool. Now that they’re in 4th grade, their paths and interests have almost entirely diverged. We don’t have regular playdates like we used to, we don’t send them to the same after school programs and this summer, for the first time ever, they won’t attend the same day camp.

So what are good friends to do?

Meet for coffee, of course! Not as easy as it sounds despite both of us working from home and living a few blocks apart. Becca’s busy growing a tech empire with major clients like Nike, and believe it or not, working on takes up most of my “free time” (if there is such a thing for moms!)

Becca suggested we meet early since she had a busy Saturday of basketball games. I suggested Ronsky’s at The Street, since it is only about 10 minutes from our houses. Plus I’d been wanting to check out anyway. Ronskys took over The Street’s Pop Up Shop space directly adjacent to The Star Market.

Ronsky’s opens at 7am. We arrived around 8:30am and were the only patrons in the shop, thus scoring premium seating at the table. We were there perhaps a good half hour before people started moseying in.

Ronsky’s owner Ron Suhanosky is an award-winning cookbook author and restauranteur with his cookbook Pasta Sfoglia and his previous restaurant Sfoglia in Manhattan and Nantucket. Chef Ron has been in his current space since September.

To catch a sighting of Chef Ron you need to show up, well, any time. Chef Ron is currently a one-man show and is there daily. I am pretty certain if you bring in his cookbook, Pasta Sfoglia, he will sign it for you.

Here’s Chef Ron as we saw him that Saturday. He was kind enough to pose for a photo even though it was a bit of an ambush. Thanks, Chef Ron!

Anyway, where was I? Yes, so Becca decided on a half-caf cup of joe, and I had a latte. We also settled on the much-hyped avocado toast for breakfast, and we were not disappointed! It was rapturous. It’s a delectable green, a bit garlicky, topped with  grape tomato halves on a large thinly sliced toast. Chef Ron told us he buys the bread he uses for the toast, but everything else, including all the baked goods, paninis and soups, are made fresh daily.

If you’re avoiding carbs or gluten, Ronsky’s probably isn’t the best choice for you, what with specialities like panini sandwiches and scrumptious baked goods like homemade bread pudding or freshly fried zeppolis. Chef Ron does have a few items without gluten including his daily soup and salad offerings.

Private Events

Chef Ron will host your private event for 6-12 people any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening. Four- to six-course meals start at $75/person. Contact him to discuss the details of your event. (I see a girls’ night in our future!)

What You Need to Know

Ronsky’s is open Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm and Sundays 7am-4pm.

While there’s plenty of parking in and around Ronsky’s, the eatery is intimate with a single large table and bench and two bar stools. Whether you can stop and enjoy your eats or have to take yourself away will come down to luck. What you can do is head around the corner and up the stairs to Star Market. There are a few tables where you can enjoy your Ronsky’s treats without anyone shooing you out.

On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy Ronsky’s outdoor seating when the weather warms a bit.


The Street
3 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA

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