Introducing Our New Sleepaway Camps Database


We’re pleased to introduce our new searchable database of sleep away camps in New England. Search on any term or combination of terms. Are you looking for a nut-free camp that offers soccer and archery, for instance? Enter “nut free soccer archery” (without the quotation marks) and the search will pull them up.

More Camps Coming Soon

Don’t be discouraged if the camp you’re seeking is not in our database. We anticipate adding another dozen sleep away camps over the next few weeks along with features on how to best choose a camp.

Want First-Hand Accounts & Recommendations?

As a reminder, our database does not represent recommendations by us or anyone else. Instead, our database is intended to help LiveNewton readers to narrow down their camp search based on desired specifications. For recommendations and first-hand experiences, we suggest you visit our free forums and ask your questions there. Look for the “Camp Recommendations” forum.

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Author: Jen

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