Teaching Kids About Money

My parents never really taught me about money. I did, however, understand that we didn’t have a lot of it. They did help me get a passbook savings account (remember those?!), but that was about it. I learned many lessons the hard way. What we call “natural consequences” these days. I found out about the perils of credit card debt by accumulating a lot of it in my 20’s. I learned how to save when I wanted to buy my first house and realized I needed a sizable down payment or face unaffordable monthly payments.

This is why I want my children to learn about money now while they’re young and fortunately I have been able to turn to the Newton-based Dollar Scholars program.

Dollar Scholars is the brainchild of Newton moms Patricia White and Lisa Caperna. They came up with the idea after they read The New York Times‘ columnist Ron Lieber’s book, The Opposite of Spoiled: Raising Kids Who Are Grounded, Generous, and Smart About Money.

Filling the (Financial Literacy) Gap

As elementary school parents we hear a lot about the importance of teaching kids about money, but we don’t hear much about how to do it. What exactly do they need to learn? What is age appropriate? What would keep them engaged? That’s where Dollar Scholars comes in.

Dollar Scholars is an interactive, discussion-based curriculum designed to teach kids in grades 3-5 about money. Students use their everyday math skills to work through problems and understand new concepts around earning, saving, spending and giving. The curriculum also helps students develop other critical skills, such as setting long-term goals and delaying gratification. Dollar Scholars challenges students to think about decisions they make and reflect on their choices.

My daughter (5th grade) really enjoyed Dollar Scholars and came home with so much enthusiasm and information about budgeting, saving, compounding interest, and starting a business (among other things!). The interactive and hands on projects were fun and engaging. I highly recommend the class!  

– Amelia A., Parent

I can attest to how effective and fun the program is. My daughter (then a 4th grader) attended the second session of Dollar Scholars held at West Newton’s Temple Shalom and loved it. She learned so much about a variety of topics she had never heard of such as entrepreneurialship, compound interest, and debt.

After School Programs

After a successful initial run at Temple Shalom, Patricia and Lisa were invited to bring their innovative program into the Peirce Extended Day Program and from there Dollar Scholars was invited into the After School programs at Underwood, Ward and Meadowbrook Day School.

For More Information…

To read parent testimonials on Dollar Scholars, please visit Facebook.com/dollarscholarsclass. To learn more about the program or to register for the winter session (location TBD), please email info@DollarScholars.com.

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