Why You Should Be Using Newton 311

Remember the winter of 2015 when it seemed as if someone moved our entire city to Antarctica? That’s when I truly learned the value of Newton 311. It’s my secret weapon, and now I’m going to share it with you!

You can use Newton 311 online to notify city officials about virtually anything. During that infamous winter, I used 311 to notify that city that the main drag in front of my children’s  school had become a narrow alley squeezed tight between 10-foot high walls of snow. There was nowhere to park to drop off or pick up kids, and everyone’s tempers were understandably flaring. I had no reason to suspect it would accomplish anything — I felt like it would be like shouting into the Grand Canyon — but incredibly, within ~ 24 hours, the snow fairies (okay, I think it was probably public works employees!) had cleared much of the street making parking much easier and safer.

But amazing as that was, I’ve learned that 311 is not limited to snow. You can arrange to have the city pick up your “bulky refuse” for FREE. Or contact them about unsafe sidewalk conditions. Or notify them about your low water pressure.

One time as I recall “someone” backed into a street sign near my house. I used 311 and within a week, the sign was replaced.

Things for which Newton 311 comes in handy:

– Appealing parking tickets

– Broken street lights

– Dead animals

– Downed tree limbs

– Getting bulky trash picked up

– Graffiti

– Low water pressure

– Paying bills

– Playground issues

– Poison ivy in public area

– Potholes

– Sidewalk conditions

– Street sign issues

– Unplowed streets

– Wasp nests in parks

In the process of writing this post, I visited Newton 311 to find out what else could be requested, and my eyes popped out at this one. You can request help getting your flooded basement pumped!! Can you believe it? What an amazing city we live in! Wish I had known about this when Hurricane Irene flooded our basement in 2011. You’re probably thinking it can’t get any better that this. But it does because Newton 311 is also available as an app on iphones and android devices.

Whether you use the Website or download the app, Newton 311 is an incredible resource that is far more efficient, quicker, and easier than calling. And be sure to visit our Helpful City Services page to find out what else you’re missing!

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Author: Jen

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