Welcome to LiveNewton!

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

We’re Jen & Holly, Newton moms and co-founders of this site. We started LiveNewton.net to bring our community together online.

We’ve all made a choice to live here. Still, every day we have more choices to make: about our children, our bodies, our social lives, and our homes (the list goes on). Making decisions on where and how we spend our time takes hours of research Googling, asking for recommendations and visiting site by site until we finally collapse or give up and decide on a class/carpenter/gym/activity.

In the spirit of living locally, we’ve created comprehensive lists of local area resources that you likely search for every day: restaurants, fitness classes, daycares, kids activities, physicians, dentists, contractors, and much more. We feature local events and artists, new businesses and even tips to make your life easier. And you can trust that we’ll only ever promote people and places that we fully endorse.

So, instead of Googling, subscribe to or bookmark LiveNewton.net. It’s our hope that this brings us together and gives us all more time to spend out and about in Newton with family and friends! Let us know if we’re forgetting anything – we welcome all comments and look forward to seeing you around the site and in our city!

One City. One Site.

– Jen & Holly

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